Incrediwear Equine Hoof Socks

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Color: Black

✓ for effective regeneration & recovery
✓ promote blood circulation and lymphatic flow
✓ support tendons and muscles during training
✓ intense “ice effect” when in contact with water
✓ Can be used at any time - without the hassle of batteries
✓ Set consisting of 2 Hoof Socks

Revolutionary relaxation – can be used infinitely and without batteries.

Intense training, heavy use, thick legs, inflammation and injuries:
For all regeneration and healing processes, the horse's body requires increased nutrients in the affected tissue in order to restore performance and repair tissue damage.
This applies to phases after intensive training or competitions, as well as in the case of acute injuries, inflammation and the like.
Increased blood flow allows for faster transport of important nutrients and oxygen to the surrounding tissue, which can have a positive impact on recovery time.

Advantages of a well-perfused tissue:

  • improved nutrient and oxygen transport
  • shortened recovery and regeneration times
  • faster resolution of swelling and bruises
  • the body's own fight against inflammation
  • reduces the risk of injuries

How does Incrediwear Equine work?

The Incrediwear technology: the body's own bio-physics
The basis of the special Incrediwear Equine Technology is the semiconductors Germanium & Carbon, which are woven into the material. These make use of a simple bio-physical effect: upon contact with body water, negatively charged ions are activated, which cause the body's cells to vibrate and thus increase blood flow.
The flow of lymph fluid is also stimulated in the same way - without any rechargeable batteries, batteries or additional heat sources . Easy to set up and can be used endlessly.

No compression – no heat build-up
Incrediwear Equine products deliberately avoid the creation of additional warmth or compression. The increased blood flow causes a slight increase in temperature in the surrounding tissue. The special Incrediwear material reliably transports this heat to the outside - the fur and fabric appear warm, while the temperature in the deep tissue remains constant.
Incrediwear Equine is therefore also suitable for use during acute inflammatory processes.

Practical ice effect
A special advantage of the Incrediwear Equine Hoof Socks: When wet, they act similarly to an ice pack. The deep tissue is cooled while body heat is dissipated on the surface of the skin and bandages. To do this, the bandages can simply be moistened with a water hose.
While classic icing and cooling methods also constrict the veins and therefore reduce blood circulation, the special fabric with germanium & carbon keeps the blood flow constantly high even during the “ice effect”.
The ice effect lasts between 45-60 minutes and can be reactivated again and again by watering again

When does my horse need Incrediwear Hoof Socks?

Incrediwear Equine Hoof Socks offer effective and particularly flexible regeneration management. The socks can be used in a variety of ways after active training or for use in the event of illness or injury.
Important: Incrediwear Equine Hoof Socks are not suitable for free running, on the lunge or under the saddle - this is what the Incrediwear Equine bandages were developed for.

Applicable, among other things, to:

  • to support tendons and ligaments
  • to prepare tendons and ligaments for training
  • to generally promote blood circulation
  • to generally promote lymphatic flow
  • for tendon irritations/tendon damage
  • for osteoarthritis & arthritis
  • for fissures & bone problems
  • with heavy strain on the limbs
  • for swollen legs / lymphatic congestion
  • with inadequate horn growth
  • in small to medium-sized galls
  • for injuries, sprains, bruises, inflammation, etc.
  • for effective, water-saving icing and cooling
  • for cooling during deer attacks
  • for cooling in hot outside temperatures
  • for general wellness use
  • and much more..

Washing & Care Instructions

Wash warm or cold on a gentle cycle - up to a maximum of 40° .
Spread flat to dry. Do not spin, bleach, iron or dry clean.

After use, remove any coarse dirt, dust and dirt.

Incrediwear Equine products - like all other leg protection products - are subject to natural, usage-related wear and tear. Strong leg stroking, improperly processed hoof nails, sharp-edged iron or biting can damage the product.
If this results in smaller holes in the fabric, these can be easily patched - the functionality is not affected.

Material composition

77% polyester (Germanium & carbon woven in)
21% Spandex
2% nylon

Application & tournament sports

Carefully pull hoof socks over the hoof before or after riding (pay attention to sharp hoof nails on shod horses).
The effect of the Hoof Socks begins as soon as contact with the horse's leg occurs - regardless of whether they are used when dry or wet for cold therapy.
They can be used on the horse's leg for any length of time.

Hoof Sock are only suitable for use under observation and not for active training, free running or unsupervised rest in the box. If the horse is standing without being observed, the hoof socks should ideally be additionally secured so that the horse cannot take them off.

Incrediwear Equine products can be worn immediately before, after or - depending on the equipment regulations and area of ​​application - even during competition participation.