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The art of dressage: harmony between rider and horse
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The art of dressage: harmony between rider and horse

What is dressage?

Dressage is a fascinating equestrian discipline in which rider and horse work together in perfect harmony to perform precise and elegant movements. It aims to develop the horse's potential, refine its natural movements and create a close connection between rider and horse. Dressage combines sporting aspects with artistic expression and places particular emphasis on grace, control and fine-tuning.

The basics of dressage

Solid fundamentals are crucial to being successful in dressage. A correct sitting position, balanced riding and precise aids are basic principles that riders should master. The rider must be able to use weight, thighs and hands independently to send clear signals to the horse. Through solid training, the horse becomes supple, agile and obedient.

The scale of training

The training scale serves as a guide and describes the different levels of dressage training. It includes six elements: tact, detachment, leaning, momentum, straightening and gathering. Each element builds on the previous one and contributes to the development of an athletic and harmonious horse. Dressage training is an ongoing process that requires patience, time and fine coordination between rider and horse.

Dressage lessons and exercises

In dressage there are a variety of lessons and exercises that serve to further train the horse and improve its skills. These include, for example, leg movements, lateral movements, holding, flowing transitions and smooth circles. These exercises help to develop the horse's suppleness, strength and coordination and to strengthen its obedience to the rider's aids.

Dressage at different levels

Dressage is practiced at various levels, starting from basics to advanced levels. Riders have the opportunity to test their skills and those of their horse in various classes and competitions. Various dressage tests take place at national and international level and are assessed according to set standards. The highlights of dressage are the Olympic Games and World Championships, where the best riders in the world compete against each other.



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