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Equestrian sport: A unique connection between man and horse
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Equestrian sport: A unique connection between man and horse

The equestrian sport

Equestrian sport is a fascinating discipline with a long history and a deep connection between man and horse. It includes various exciting disciplines that delight both recreational riders and professionals alike.

The dressage

One of the most famous disciplines in equestrian sports is dressage. Here horses are trained to perform precise and elegant movements. Dressage requires not only physical strength and skill from the rider, but also subtle communication with the horse. Through training, rider and horse develop a close bond based on trust and respect.

The show jumping

Show jumping is another exciting discipline in which rider and horse have to overcome obstacles. Speed, precision and courage are required. Show jumping requires close cooperation between rider and horse in order to overcome obstacles effortlessly. This sport offers thrills and captivates spectators.


Polo, also known as the "Sport of Kings", is a fast and dynamic team sport on horseback. Often referred to as one of the oldest team games in the world, it combines speed, skill and tactical thinking. Polo requires both physical fitness and a strong connection between rider and horse.

The horse driving sport

Horse driving refers to the use of horses in various driving disciplines in which one or more horses pull a carriage or wagon. It is an ancient sport that is practiced both recreationally and competitively.

Carriage driving

When driving a carriage, one or more horses pull a carriage. There are different categories such as one-in-hand, two-in-hand or four-in-hand vehicles. In competitions, dressage tests, obstacle driving or off-road driving are often carried out.

Driving a team

In horse-drawn carriage, several horses pull a wagon that is used to transport people or freight. This is often used in agriculture or the tourism sector.

horse race

In horse racing, horses drive a vehicle around a race track. The races take place either on the street or on special racetracks.

Distance driving

During distance riding, horses cover long distances, often over 50 kilometers or more. It is a combination of driving and endurance sport and requires good fitness from both the horses and the drivers.

In horse driving, it is very important that drivers have extensive driving knowledge and a good understanding of the horses' needs. The safety of the horse and driver is paramount and strict rules and regulations are followed to ensure the welfare of the animals.

Horse driving is very popular both as a leisure activity and as a competitive sport. There are national and international events where riders can demonstrate their skills and the community of equestrian enthusiasts come together.

Recreational riding

In addition to the various disciplines, equestrian sports also offer a wide range of opportunities for recreational riders. Whether it's relaxing rides in nature, trail riding or the therapeutic effects of horseback riding, equestrian sports enable people to enjoy the beauty of nature and build a special connection with horses.

In order to be successful in equestrian sport, it is of great importance to ensure the horse's well-being and your own safety. Species-appropriate horse care, appropriate posture, regular training and a suitable one



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