As a purely online retailer without our own inventory, we pursue an environmentally conscious and sustainable approach.

Online retail is often criticized for being unsustainable. Long transport routes and returns due to dissatisfaction contribute to a negative environmental impact.

We have decided to take new paths and act differently.

Our cooperation is limited to established wholesalers who have been on the market for years and decades and impress with their consistently good quality.

It is very important to us to work sustainably and to keep delivery routes as short as possible. For this reason, we only work with partners who deliver the goods you have ordered directly to you in the shortest possible time, without any detours. This offers enormous potential for CO2 savings.

Through our approach, we minimize transport routes and thus reduce our ecological footprint. We rely on an efficient and direct supply chain to conserve resources and reduce environmental impact.

With our environmentally conscious approach, we want to make a positive contribution to climate protection and offer our customers high-quality products in a sustainable manner.

We are proud to operate an online business without our own inventory and to take our environmental responsibility into account. Together we can make a difference and contribute to a more sustainable future.