Esposita single harness "Shettyglück" brown

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Anatomical one-horse harness for Shettys

- anatomically shaped breastplate
- Selet with quick-release fasteners on the carrying eyes
- Rear harness
- Tail strap
- Tension cords with nylon inserts and D-rings
- Leash made of non-slip webbing material
- Easy-care material mix of genuine leather and imitation leather

Size Chart:

Size breast plate abdominal circumference tension cords head headband

Mini-Mini Shetty approx. 55cm approx. 100-125cm approx. 123cm approx. 64-74cm 31cm

Mini Shetty approx. 65cm approx. 110-140cm approx. 145cm approx. 67-78cm 33cm

Shetty approx. 75cm approx. 120-160cm approx. 163cm approx. 76-84cm 35cm

X-Shetty approx. 85cm approx. 130-170cm approx. 176cm approx. 85-97cm 39cm