Zilco X-Grip driving line single horse black-dark brown

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Meet the future of driving lines with Zilco's groundbreaking X-Grip lines. To enhance the riding experience, these leashes feature the front section made from Zilco's proven PN material, while the hand section is carefully crafted from our precious vegan "Zeather" leather and folded over a flexible webbing core for optimal strength.

Immerse yourself in the luxurious feel of the X-Grip reins - a harmonious blend of comfort and durability. The unique construction provides an incredibly comfortable grip and a surface finish that provides excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions. Experience driving lines that redefine excellence - where innovation meets unsurpassed performance - with Zilco's X-Grip Reins.

One- and two-horse lines are equipped with "Zeather" stoppers. Tandem and Shetland lines do not have stoppers on the handle. The Shetland leashes have a practical snap closure in the middle.

Available in one-horse, two-horse and tandem versions, in pony, thoroughbred or warmblood size. Available for single and double Shetland sized vehicles. The single horse leash in warmblood size is also available without a stopper.

Color: Black-dark brown

Length of the one-horse ropes:
Shetty: 345cm
Pony: 357cm
Cob: 420cm
Full: 450cm

The delivery time for ZILCO items is 8 - 10 days.