ESS Senior's Gold

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✓ supports horses of senior age
✓ tailored to the needs of old horses
✓ supports the musculoskeletal system and metabolism
✓ to promote heart, liver and kidney activity
✓ for therapeutic feeding or long-term administration

For the golden senior years: ESS Senior's Gold

It is not uncommon for horses to accompany us into very old age.
As the years get older, however, the needs and requirements for care, husbandry and feeding change: performance decreases, the heart and circulation are less resilient and movements become stiffer. A slow metabolism, a less active immune system and hormonal changes are also reflected, among other things, in an increased susceptibility to infections and problems with shedding. The risk of developing metabolic diseases such as EMS and ECS (Cushing's) increases significantly.

All of these processes are part of a completely natural aging process, the first changes of which can become visible from the age of 16, depending on the breed, type and disposition. In order to keep the aging horse fit and vital through its “golden years” in the long term, extensive and well-thought-out support is important.

How does ESS Senior's Gold work?

One for everything - particularly practical to use: ESS Senior's Gold combines natural vital substances for the aging horse in a single product:
High quality Devil's claw, ginger and MSM can counteract inflammatory processes in the musculoskeletal system and promote mobility, Hawthorn and Ginkgo can improve overall blood flow, cardiac output and circulatory function while Monk pepper contributes to the regulation of hormonal metabolic problems.
dandelion The bitter substances it contains also support the horse's liver and kidney function in order to promote the body's own detoxification.
The dosage is optimally adapted to the changing needs of an aging horse.

When does my horse need ESS Senior's Gold?

ESS Senior's Gold is suitable as an intensive treatment or for long-term feeding for aging horses aged 16 and over and can contribute to improved vitality and quality of life in old age. Horses with limited mobility, metabolic disorders, heart and circulatory problems, and general immune deficiency in particular benefit from regular feeding.

Applicable, among other things, to:

  • at the first signs of aging
  • with limited mobility (arthrosis, etc.)
  • in inflammatory processes
  • for heart and circulatory problems
  • for liver and kidney problems
  • for immune deficiency & risk of infection
  • for problems with energy metabolism
  • for hormonal metabolism problems (EMS / ECS)
  • in case of fur change disorders
  • for skin and hair diseases
  • with disorders of blood formation
  • for general prevention & support

Product Information

Know what's inside: We use highly concentrated active ingredients to keep the daily feeding amount as low as possible. This means you can get by with your product for a long time.

Application & dosage

Large horses: 15 - 20 ml per day
(contains up to 66 servings/bottle)

Riding ponies: 10 - 15 ml per day
(contains up to 100 servings/bottle)

Intensive treatment: 30 ml per day - up to 7 days
(contains up to 33 servings/bottle)

Supplementary feed is not a substitute for varied, needs-based feeding and performance-based training of the horse. The specified recommended (daily) dose should not be exceeded without consultation with a treating veterinarian.

Ingredients & Composition

1,2 Propanediol, Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM), Sodium Citrate

Analytical components and contents:
0.00% crude protein, 1.24% crude fat, 0.29% crude fiber, 0.21% crude ash, 58.55% moisture, 0.12% sodium

Additives per liter:
Preservatives: 2,100.00 mg sorbic acid from potassium sorbate (1k202), 3,000.00 mg lactic acid (1a270)
Flavorings: 300,000.00 mg mixture of flavorings (among others Ginkgo, ginseng, dandelion, monk's pepper, devil's claw, hawthorn, ginger )

Tournament sports & doping

This product is not Doping-free and must therefore be stopped before taking part in the competition.
Waiting period: 96 hours