EAT in balance

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✓ to regulate the hormonal balance
✓ with natural, liquid monk's pepper
✓ supports with horse problems
✓ reduces aggressive sexual drive
✓ suitable for metabolic disorders (ECS)

Regulates the hormone balance: ESS In Balance

Aggressive horse behavior, stallion behavior in geldings, dominance problems in handling, metabolic disorders and much more... The list of hormonal problems is long, because a hormonal imbalance throws the entire body out of balance.
This can occur in mares due to a significantly changed, aggressive behavior while steeds show, while geldings undesirable stallions can develop - everyday handling and integration into a herd is difficult with affected horses.
Clinical studies show that horses with metabolic disorders such as: Equine Cushing Syndrome (ECS) suffer from a disturbed hormonal balance, which can play a significant role in the severity of the disease.

How does ESS In Balance work?

ESS In Balance makes use of the scientifically proven effect of monk's pepper on the hormonal balance: Since the Middle Ages, monk's pepper has been considered a medicinal plant that can be used naturally to treat... disturbed cycle or to Curbing excessive sex drive is used. This will The release of the hormone prolactin is regulated and the hormonal balance can be restored.
The positive influence on hormonally-related metabolic disorders of the horse has only been the focus of science for a few years - but has shown remarkable success in providing natural support to affected horses.

When does my horse need ESS In Balance?

ESS In Balance is suitable for horses that suffer from hormonal imbalances and therefore have unusual behavior.
Broodmares with irregular cycles can benefit from intensive therapy before insemination
Horses with metabolic disorders also benefit from feeding.

Applicable, among other things, to:

  • with aggressive horse behavior
  • in case of painful folic formation / Rosse
  • in case of unrideability & hypersensitivity while riding the horses
  • in the case of disturbed cycles in broodmares
  • for excessively dominant behavior of mares and geldings
  • in mating geldings with a strong sexual drive
  • in metabolic disorders
  • for Equine Cushing Syndrome (ECS)
  • to accompany drug therapies (Prascend)

Product Information

Know what's inside: We use highly concentrated active ingredients to keep the daily feeding amount as low as possible. This means you can get by with your product for a long time.

Application & dosage

Large horses: 40 - 50 ml per day
(contains up to 25 servings/bottle)

Riding ponies: 25 - 30 ml per day
(contains up to 40 servings/bottle)

Intensive treatment: 50 ml 2x per day
(contains up to 10 servings/bottle)

The liquid is not suitable for inseminated, pregnant and/or lactating women Mares.

Supplementary feed does not represent a replacement for a needs-based, varied feeding and performance-oriented training of the horse.
The specified recommended (daily) dose should not be exceeded without consulting a treating veterinarian.

Ingredients & Composition

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Monk pepper (heated and filtered), propylene glycol

Analytical components:
Crude protein 0.00%, crude fat 0.00%, crude ash 0.20%, crude fiber 0.10%, sodium 0.08%, moisture 97.50%

Additives per liter:
Technological additives: Sodium propionate (1k281), potassium sorbate (1k202) 2,000 mg, xanthan gum (E415)

Tournament sports & doping

This product is not Doping-free and must therefore be stopped before taking part in the competition.
Waiting period: 48 hours