ESS Amino Active

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✓ with increased energy and protein requirements
✓ contains essential amino acids & vital substances
✓ supports the development phases and convalescence
✓ promotes performance and vitality
✓ Doping-free - FEI & ADMR compliant

When does my horse need ESS Amino Active?

ESS Amino Active is suitable for horses that have an increased need for proteins and vital substances. The powder offers supplementary support to concentrated and roughage in physically challenging phases and is suitable for horses of all ages and performance classes.

Applicable, among other things, to:

  • with an increased need for vital substances
  • with increased protein requirements
  • during intensive training & muscle building
  • in case of lack of performance and fatigue
  • if you have difficulty building muscle
  • if you have a tendency to be underweight
  • after infections, illness and operations
  • in recovery phases & convalescence
  • to support the change of fur
  • for skin and hair problems
  • in young horses in general growth
  • to support stallion and auction candidates


Product Information

Know what's inside: We use highly concentrated active ingredients to keep the daily feeding amount as low as possible. This means you can get by with your product for a long time.

Application & dosage

Large horses : 30 g per day
(contains up to 33 servings/can)

Riding ponies: 15g per day
(contains up to 66 servings/can)

Supplementary feed does not represent a replacement for a needs-based, varied feeding and performance-oriented training of the horse.
The specified recommended (daily) dose should not be exceeded without consulting a treating veterinarian.

Ingredients & Composition

Flaxseed (pulled), corn (pulled), calcium carbonate, soybeans (extruded), sodium bicarbonate, monocalcium phosphate, rapeseed oil

Analytical components and contents:
16.60% crude protein, 14.00% crude fat, 1.60% crude fiber, 24.60% crude ash, 4.10% lysine, 3.30%
Methionine, 2.10% threonine, 0.60% tryptophan, 6.00% calcium, 1.00% phosphorus, 1.50% sodium

Additives per kg:
Nutritional physiological additives: 10,000 mg Vitamin E (3a700), 300 mg Nicotinamide (3a315), 150,000 mcg Biotin (3a880), 5,000 mg vitamin C (3a300), 10,000 mg L-carnitine (3a910), 590 mg iron from iron (II) sulfate, monohydrate (3b103), 2,250 mg iron from glycine iron chelate, hydrate (3b108), 500 mg copper from copper (II) sulfate, pentahydrate (3b405), 1,500.0 mg copper from glycine copper chelate, hydrate (3b413), 11,000.0 mg zinc from zinc sulfate, monohydrate (3b605), 1,000 mg zinc from glycine zinc chelate, hydrate (3b607), 1,950.0 mg manganese from manganese (II) sulfate, monohydrate (3b503), 1,000 mg manganese from glycine manganese chelate, hydrate (3b506), 7.0 mg iodine from calcium iodate, anhydrous (3b202), 33.00 mg selenium from sodium selenite (3b801)

Tournament sports & doping

This product is 100% doping-free (tested according to FEI / ADMR control guidelines).

The feeding recommendations and information on dosage must be adhered to. If compliance cannot be guaranteed, it is sufficient to discontinue the product 48 hours before the competition.