Esposita bridle, double jointed, stainless steel (8.0cm to 19.5cm)

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The water snaffle is a classic bit with continuous rings.
It is generally well received by all horses and is suitable for training as well as for riding or driving.
Snaffles work exclusively on tension and can compensate well for an inexperienced hand. The horse has the opportunity to briefly avoid a strong pull by lifting its tongue.

The bit of the Esposita snaffle is made of high-quality stainless steel. Therefore it is also suitable for sensitive horses. The rings are made of stainless steel which gives the bit an elegant look.

Our Esposita bridle is available in all sizes from 8.0cm for mini shetties up to 19.5cm for large draft horses.
The diameter is adapted to the bit size and for pony bits is up to size. 10.5cm 10mm and for the larger sizes 16mm. This means that the bit fits perfectly into every horse's mouth and is not overly thick, even for small ponies.