Esposita post curb, 2 rings, double broken, brass (8.0cm to 14.5cm)

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The post bit is the classic standard bit for chest blade tension.
They are available in different versions that allow different possible effects.

With this Esposita post curb, the lines can be buckled in three different rings.
These rings are made of stainless steel which creates a very elegant look.
The bit itself is double broken and made of brass.
This supports the horse's chewing activity and is readily accepted by many horses.
The side parts are movable and the outwardly curved upper trees give the horse plenty of space, even with a wide jaw.

Our Esposita post curb comes with a stainless steel hook and curb chain. This driving bit is available in all sizes from 8.0cm to 14.5cm. The pony sizes up to 10.5cm have a diameter of 10mm to fit even the smallest mouths and the larger ones have a diameter of 16mm.