Esposita “Comfort” outdoor blanket

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With the great outdoor horse blanket "Comfort" your horse gets the best protection in a beautiful design.

Discover the quality blanket with warm 200g filling!

The high-quality "Comfort" horse blanket is the best equipment for spending time outdoors. This blanket is manufactured very carefully, to exacting standards and from robust materials. The 200g filling makes it particularly warm and the large tail flap at the back provides additional warmth. Thanks to the padded withers, this blanket will give your horse maximum comfort. The excellent concept of this outdoor blanket is also rounded off by the modern design in black and light blue.

1680 denier nylon fabric: durable and waterproof

The use of tear-resistant 1680 denier nylon fabric makes the outdoor horse blanket very resilient and hard-wearing. Thanks to this durable quality, this blanket promises you a long-lasting function. The blanket is waterproof, which is also achieved by being processed without a back seam.

  • robust outdoor horse blanket “Comfort”
  • with warm 200g filling
  • Made of tear-resistant 1680 denier nylon fabric
  • without back seam, padded withers
  • generous fold, large tail flap
  • double chest closure with interchangeable snap hooks
  • adjustable cross straps, adjustable leg straps
  • excellent quality

Pleasant freedom of movement - optimal fit

The cut of the "Comfort" horse blanket is perfected all around, so that it promises your horse a high level of comfort and an ideal fit. Your horse feels maximum freedom of movement because there are generous gussets at the front. The double, adjustable chest closure with interchangeable snap hooks, the adjustable cross straps and the adjustable leg straps ensure an ideal fit. The secure hold is supported by the fact that the hooks of the cross straps are fixed to your horse's torso with elastic rubber and are additionally secured by a nylon loop to prevent them from being pulled out.

Outdoor horse blanket: tear-resistant texture

The “Comfort” outdoor horse blanket impresses across the board; your horse will feel very comfortable and will feel pleasant warmth. This branded blanket impresses with its high quality standards at a fair price. To ensure long-lasting quality, all seams were additionally sewn with patches during processing. This supports stability and protects the seams from tearing out - even after many uses of the blanket.