Esposita double ring snaffle, double jointed

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The double ring snaffle is a classic driving bit with various action options.
The bit is strapped into the bridle using the loose rings.
If the lines are now buckled through both rings, the bit has a gentle effect like a normal snaffle.
However, if the lines are only buckled using the outer, fixed rings, then this bridle appears sharp.
This gives the driver the opportunity to adapt the effect on the horse depending on the situation and requirements.

Our Esposita double ring snaffle is double jointed and therefore sits comfortably in the mouth without causing a nutcracker effect on the tongue.
The bit is made of brass, which supports the horse's chewing activity, and the rings are made of stainless steel.

This driving bit is available in all sizes: from 8cm for mini shetties to 19.5cm for giant cold-blooded horses.
The pony sizes up to 10.5cm have a diameter of 10mm to fit even the smallest mouths and the larger ones have a diameter of 16mm.